Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lowering the Ears

Did anyone else notice that everyone and their mom got haircuts yesterday?

Kelley and I got ours cut.  I saw at least five people (including one of my favorite bloggers, Jordyn) post on fb that they were getting theirs cut, too. 

Then my suspicions were confirmed when I went to dinner with some folks, and Mr. Biz's mom told me she got a haircut that morning. 

So there you go--everyone and their mom got their hair cut yesterday.  Must be an itch for the change of spring or something.

This was the last time I got my hair chopped off...JANUARY 4TH, 2011.  Yes, I am that girl who didn't get my hair cut for a whole year.  Insanity.

So here was my hair yesterday morning:

And here was my hair yesterday afternoon:

It was great.  I enjoyed having someone else wash my hair (does anyone else just love that part?) and now my head feels 10 pounds lighter.  Ahh...

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P.S.- I have suddenly been struck with the urge to purchase a unitard.  It's her fault.
P.P.S.- I think I need a new camera.  Or at least to stop taking all of my pictures with my cell phone and my webcam.
P.P.P.S.- Many thanks to those of you who have checked out my teaching blog, and especially to Kim, Jordyn, and the Stranges for following!  :]

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Adventure!

Hi guys! 

Today I am so excited to tell you about my new adventure: I am officially a "real" teacher!  This week is my third week in this new position and I am loving it.  I have prayed and waited so long for my own classroom, and it is exciting to see this dream coming true. 

Along with my job, I decided to create a new blog.  I will still blog here, but it will mainly be about my personal life and thoughts not related to school.  My new blog, Teacher "Extraordinaire" (see a pattern in my blog titles? haha), will be all of the teaching stuff I don't want to bog you guys down with. 

I would be honored if you guys would check out my teaching blog and give me feedback--maybe even follow me there!  Obviously it is all about teaching, so non-teachers might not find it interesting.  :]  Also, you can read this post to find out about my journey to this job over the past couple months. 
Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Eating in Atlanta

I had a great weekend.

Saturday I got to hang out with my BFF all day.  We ate lots of food, had smoothies, did some shopping (or "looking" in my case), and simply enjoyed the chance to catch up in person.  A great day.

Sunday Mr. Biz and I had planned to spend some time at a park and then get some coffee from the Bux, but last minute he decided to get spontaneous.  Instead of our more typical date, after church we went down to the ATL (that's how the cool kids say Atlanta) to get some brunch at Ria's Bluebird.  It was awesome to do something entirely spur of the moment.  It's easy to do the same thing over and over, so it was cool to spice it up a bit. 

Secondly, Ria's was awesome.  The atmosphere was so hipster-y, and Lord knows we all want to be hipsters.  We ate in the enclosed patio with mismatched tables & chairs and graffiti covering the walls.  We both got pancakes, although the waiter called mine "candy cakes" because I got them with chocolate chips.  Mr. Biz got some soysage with his and we shared some skillet potatoes (DELISH).  We will definitely make our way back there soon.  I think we both want to try the breakfast burrito and possibly the fish & grits. 


Long story short, this weekend was a lot of fun.  I had a great time with two of my favorite people and I got to eat at a super awesome diner.  I highly recommend heading to the Grant Park area of Atlanta to check out Ria's Bluebird. 

Our list of restaurants to check out in Atlanta is slowly getting longer.  Do you have any we should add?  Some of the ones we're already planning on are The Vortex, Holeman and Finch Public House (for the famous burgers), West Egg, and a couple others. 

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P.S.- Major props to Mr. Biz for the idea to go to Atlanta on a whim.  That guy is awesome, in case you didn't already know.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Week

It's that time of the week!  The time when I have a bunch of random thoughts and decide to share them with you, bloggy friends. 

1.  Right now my family and I are watching one of the best shows on TV: WIPEOUT!  Have you seen this show?  It's insane!  Everyone loves the big balls. 

2. I'm on the lookout for a new pair of boots.  Also, I'm trying to figure out how to wear my current boots in new ways.  Right now I'm stuck on the boots+jeggings combo.  A good combo, but I'm getting sick of it.  What is your favorite pair of boots?  Any particular brand?

3. Mr. Biz passed this Scentsy thing my way and I love it.  It smells nice, grown-ups use them (I have a goal of becoming a grown-up this year), and when I turn it on it shines a heart on the wall.  How could you not love something that shines a cute little heart?

4. Tomorrow night I am going to enjoy some of my favorite new pizza: white pizza.  It's pretty much all cheese, oil, and garlic.  Yummy!  A great end to a sleepy week back at school.

Next week I'll have some pretty big things to tell ya'll about, but I'm going to keep the secret for a little while longer.  It's pretty big, so get excited!  :]

Have a wonderful Friday!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remembering 2011

If you've been around for a while, you may remember my Top Ten of '10 posts from last January (photos and media).  So, because I'm kinda nerdy and I like making lists, I made my own little group of lists for 2011.  A couple days late, of course.  :]  It was fun reflecting on 2011, and now I'm looking forward to 2012 and the changes it will bring.  So, before I start posting about the new things this year is bringing, let's look back on the challenges and joys of the past 12 months.

Music was a big part of my year.  Here are the three albums I listened to over and over and over again.
Hanson, Shout It Out

Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto
Passion Pit, Manners

I covered many different life changes in this little blog of mine.  
January: Insanity hit Georgia in the form of Snowmageddon 2011 that turned Atlanta into Hothlanta (as in the planet of Hoth from Star Wars).
February: I started thinking about another career path in the world of education while making great pieces of art.
March: I started thinking about how it is easy to love this world too much.  And I got some great quotes from the kiddos in art.
April: I wrote some letters in April.
May: This month is always a little bit crazy (especially with the end of school), so I tried to sum it all up.
June: A college buddy got married one Saturday, which was a great excuse for a bunch of us to get together.
July: My co-counselor and I played some awesome sneaky games with our campers.
August: The day before the kids came to school I shared my thoughts through some silly pictures.
September: I spent a lot of time pondering modesty and its role in the life of adults.  I also did some deep thinking on how to honor your parents in adulthood.
October: This month I had my third picture dump and I talked about one of my most faithful companions, my old car Mabel.
November: I made a little list of the many things I have to be thankful for this year.
December: I was displaced from my dream school, but tried to keep some perspective.

Like many others, I have decided in past years to not make New Year's resolutions.  After a conversation with Mr. Biz and a friend on Sunday, I have instead come up with some goals for 2012.
-complete a 5k
-read at least one book each month
-grow deeper in my relationship with Christ
-have a job in August

At church they encouraged us to reflect on five thruths we learned in 2011, and then pick the one thing we are definitely going to put into practice in 2012.
I am feeling convicted about my prayer life.  In about a week I will have a long commute (about 40 minutes--more details on that change soon), and I am committing to using some of that time in prayer.  It is a small change, but I believe it will be huge.  I am choosing to pray bold prayers and take the steps to grow closer to Christ. 

So there are my reflections on 2011 and goals for 2012.  I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year celebration and are settling back into work with a rested spirit.  My New Years was beyond wonderful and special--now it's back to the "real world."  :]

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