Monday, December 31, 2012

Remembering 2012

2012 has been quite the year.  At the start, I was an ESOL teacher, lived with my parents, and had an awesome boyfriend.  Now on the last day of the year, I am a 1st grade teacher, I moved out of my parents' house, and I have an amazing husband.  I'd say 2012 was pretty great.  :]

In the spring I took up running (might have had something to do with the cool guy I was dating...) and ran 3 different 5k's between May and September.  It was great fun and I really enjoyed challenging my body like that.

My first 5k on Memorial Day.

I had three different positions this year.  After being displaced from my ESOL position, I worked as a parapro in a level one autism class for a few months.  I knew that it wasn't the place for me, though, so I was very excited when I was hired to teach first grade starting in October.  Great kids, great school...what more can you ask for?

The biggest thing that happened this year was, of course, getting married to my best friend, whom you all know as "Mr. Biz."  We got engaged on my was simple and beautiful and just want I wanted.  Several months of wedding planning and a little bit of stress later, we got married on December 15th.  Once again, it was simple, beautiful, and exactly what I wanted.  I can't wait to share pictures once I get them.

Holding hands around the door before we were allowed to see each other.
After the wedding we spent a wonderful honeymoon outside of Asheville, NC.  We loved the solitude and relaxation that came with our little cabin (plus a great hot tub), and the opportunity to eat some delicious grub in Asheville. 

Hiking near our cabin in NC.
We are so happy to be married.  We've spent the rest of our Christmas break getting settled into our home and doing things like hanging up curtains, spending time with our families, and celebrating my man's birthday.  It has been great and wonderful, and I don't think I can come up with many more adjectives to describe our December.  :]

On New Years Day of 2012, I told Mr. Biz that "2012 is going to be our year."  I was definitely right.  So here's to 2013.  We're excited to face this next year together.