Friday, March 11, 2011

Quotes of the Week

     Ya'll, working with >450 students a week means I encounter lots of interesting moments. This week gave me these two gems (along with three cupcakes and a doughnut):

Quote 1:
Context: On Tuesday, I wore a long, floor length dress, a grey sweater, and I put my hair up in a bun.

3rd grade girl: Ms. S, I know you're an art teacher, but from behind you look like Susan B. Anthony.
That's me!

Quote 2:
Kindergarten girl (as I was writing on the whiteboard): Ms. S, your "t" looks like the cross Jesus died on!  (Apparently I have holy handwriting...har har har.)

Oh, the things you hear in an elementary school.  Did you get any good quotes this week?

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  1. i work in a middle school- the closest good thing i hear is when the girls compliment my shoes!

  2. so funny!
    susan b anthony?! so random! i'm surprised she even knew who susan b anthony was.

  3. ok...maybe i shouldn't post this on here, but it is too funny not to share! We were talking about going to the farm, and everyone said what animal they wanted to see. No one said a cow, so I asked them about it. One little boy said, "No, I don't like cows because everyone squeezes their 'wee-wees'. I just died laughing!