Friday, October 28, 2011

Picture Dump #3

Hey, ya'll!  Time for me to delete a bunch more pictures off of my phone.  :]  So enjoy a brief glimpse into the past couple of weeks in my life. 

New car presets.  Thanks to Mr. Business Partner for reintroducing me to DaveFM.

Enjoying Moe's with Brand-aid!

Sisters having fun while Hannah and Brandie were on fall break.

Felt super dorky while reading this article, but even more dorky when I really liked it.

New favorite drink at Starbucks: salted caramel mocha (grande, of course).
SO EXCITED TO FINALLY OWN THIS ALBUM!  I've been listening to it non-stop since Monday.

Remains of the carnage.

Kelley is quite the creeper.

Pretending to be a child model.

Bought this nerdy movie at Goodwill for less than $3.  I appreciate my friends who have good taste in movies (Mr. Strange!).

Probably tomorrow (maybe) I'll post about my trip to NY.  Not really because it's super exciting, but so that I remember it.  This weekend I get to do two fun with the Strange couple (hahahaha) and cheer on Mr. Business Partner during his marathon (yes, he's a nutcase marathon runner).  Hopefully I'll record those memories with some pictures, but no promises.  If you're a really great friend, you can help remind me to use my camera.  :]  Thanks!

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