Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Ode to the Beast

Two weeks ago I said goodbye to one my most trusted companions and travel partners.  We'd traveled together to Birmingham, Chattanooga, South Carolina, South GA, North GA, and everywhere in between.  Through many bumps and bruises, we always stuck together.  This wonderful companion of mine was named Mabel.
Hanging out with "the Beast."
Oh yes, Mabel and I had a lot of fun over our seven years together.

Circa '05 or '06 on the way to church.  And we thought we were cool.
Mabel was always great for dance parties with the BFF.

We went on a Secret Mission to buy a TV for our RD.

Trips to the river for rafting...and I got to be chauffeur.
Another dance party, this time on Thanksgiving.  We were probably already listening to Christmas music.
Mabel took Kelley on a driving tour of my college town.
On my 21st birthday, I serenaded Hannah and Mabel with one of my favorite country songs.
Mabel saw plenty of goodbyes, including this goodbye dinner during my last time living in Toccoa.
Mabel even enjoyed some Christmas lights, hot cocoa, and lots of laughs with small group friends.

Mabel has survived a lot in her 19 years, including...

...being packed to the brim on many trips back and forth from college.

...the removal of her tires by one of my friends.
...somehow fitting in the last/smallest parking spot in the lot before the TFC Hayride.  I'm pretty proud of this parking job.
...and a nasty flat tire last fall.

Yes, Mabel was a good car to me.  I'm sad to see her go, but I'm glad to know that now Kelley gets to enjoy her company.  Kelley has already told me, very plainly, that she loves Mabel.  Even old lady cars need love.  :]

So, as I bid farewell to Mabel, I'm happy to announce the newest addition to my life: Nymphadora Tonks.  Tonks for short.

Yay, Tonks!  This was at a random rest area in Pennsylvania.

More about how Tonks came to be another day.  For now, feel free to share your favorite Mabel memory.  Some readers may remember the bridge incidents from 2006-2007 (involving screaming and laughing).  Others may remember the many snow storms Mabel owned.  I for one will always remember her luxurious red velvet seats and "starry night" ceiling (due to the push pins holding up the headliner).

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