Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We'll Use Any Excuse

We'll use any excuse to spend time together (the "we" being my group of college friends).

This past weekend it was a friend's wedding.

Clint and Brynn drove up from Alabama...

Brynn is my favorite wedding date.  It's funny to think that last summer I was at a wedding with them...and it was their own!

And Hook and Julie stopped by after their trip up north.
This is actually Hook and his sister, Bonnie.

We played a TON of Beatles Rockband, which quickly evolved to Beatles Horse (of Many Colors).  Hook added the "of Many Colors" when he lost miserably to me.  When we quit the game, Hook had "Horse of M" (I think), and I had "Ho."  So that you know I have nice friends: Hook told his family I was a "Ho" at the dinner table.  I had to explain that one really quickly.

One of the best parts of the weekend: I stayed with my "long-lost family" for two days!  I don't know when we realized it, but I am definitely a long-lost member of Hook's family.  Chilling with them is always awesome and I'm so glad to have my second family.  Now I have two families I can count on, which is fantastic.

I'm so thankful to have all of those people in my life, especially on days like today.  This morning I had an interview for a job that I'd really like to have, and I know they were all lifting up prayers for me.  If you'd like to pray as well, that would be great.

And last but not least...
Kelley (my little sister) is quite aghast about my tan, especially compared to her lack of one.  I feel so accomplished: I'm darker than my "Native American" sister.
Mwuhaha.  So tan.  And an epic Chaco tan, too.

Has anyone been to a great wedding lately?  Or shamed someone with their lack of a tan?  ;]

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  1. I love your tan! I want some chacos simply to have the tan. I think it's a status symbol of some sort...not sure what that status is....but I want one anyway!
    Thanks for the sweet comments about your second-family. You are ALWAYS welcome in our home, whether we're there or not. WE LOVE ABBY!