Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hooked on Books, Not Drugs!

     Next week is red ribbon week at most schools in the southeast (the whole US maybe?), so every day at school has a theme.  Friday is “Hooked on books, not drugs,” and we’re encouraged to dress up like one of our favorite book characters.  I have had some ideas, but I’m still not sure who/what I want to be.  I’m teaching 3rd grade, so I want it to be something they would know.  Do you have any thoughts about who I should be?  Or maybe you know who you would dress up as?  Leave your answer in a comment!

     Here are the options I've thought of so far:

Ms. Frizzle

Fancy Nancy

Skippyjon Jones


Amelia Bedelia

So what do you think?

-Abby :]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Been Goin' Down

     Hi hello, I'm Abby (shout-out to Mitchell Davis).  You haven't heard from me lately because I've been super busy (story of my life).  We'll do a list because it helps me concentrate better.
  1. My car has been in the shop THREE times in the past 10 days.  Flat tire/oil change, getting the engine block replaced, and today it is getting a new alternator.  It went bonkers in the church parking lot last night.  Luckily our church is close to home and my parents were able to come get me.  Yep, poor old Mabel is on her last leg.
  2. I got a long-term subbing position!  It's a maternity leave and I start on Monday.  Third grade, which is the grade I student taught in.  Suh-weet!
  3. Today I got to talk to my two best friends!  I hadn't talked to Nicole in forever, so it was great to catch up with her.  Even better?  She's coming into town this weekend and we're going to hang out!
  4. I was home sick on Monday.  Wanna know what makes me feel nauseated every day, though?  Political commercials.  Honestly.  I want to vomit.  They're all awful.  No party is going about this in the right way.
Ok, that's about it.  Do you ever have to make outlines of your life?  Or am I the only crazy one?

- Abby  :]

My prayer partner and me at a festival for Autism Awareness.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"You have girl fingernails!"

Funny Subbing Story of the Week:

     Last Saturday I went out to get my nails done with two of my girlfriends (I feel old saying "girlfriends"; my Grandma calls her friends that).  Being the lover of pink that I am, I decided to go for the brightest day-glo pink they had (Pink Voltage by China Glaze).  This is an important backstory for my funny subbing story.

Woo hoo, bright nails!
     Fast forward to Tuesday around 11 AM.  I walk into a Kindergarten classroom and am greeted by an interesting young boy whom we'll call "Kevin."  The teacher tells me that Kevin is a special friend, meaning he's a bit behind the other kids.  As I walk by him he calls out (rather loudly), "Why do you have girl fingernails?"  I reply that I am a girl, so I'm allowed to have pink fingernails.  After looking at me for a couple seconds he bursts out in the loudest guffaw I'd ever heard from a five year old.

     Apparently my fingernails are hilarious.  I should have known.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love Is All You Need

     Hey, everyone.  It's been a while, huh?  Well, at least I feel like it has been.

     A lot has been going on lately.  Let me (quickly) catch you up on my life.  I've been subbing almost every day.  Through experiences subbing in every grade level, I have learned that my favorite grades are 2nd and 1st, with 3rd and K behind those.  I honestly don't like 5th grade at all, and 4th is ok.  It's easier for me to deal with the pants wetting and tears than the B.O., bad attitudes, and respect issues. 

     Second, my small group is amazing.  I am so happy with everyone in my group, and I have had such a fun time getting to know them.  Today I spent all day with my prayer partner standing on a street corner and waving at cars (trying to get them to come to a festival for autism awareness).  We're both super sunburned, but it was a great day.  Totally worth it.  :] 

     Speaking of autism awareness, I've had some really great experiences with autistic kids recently.  I've subbed in a 3rd-5th mildly autistic class and a K-2nd severely autistic class.  Honestly, I was super nervous to work in the severe class.  I had no idea what the day was going to be like.  I'd heard some horror stories about kicking, biting, and pinching, but less than an hour in I was hooked.  The kids were so sweet, and once you knew what to expect, their behavior problems were easier to deal with than a typical student's behavior issues.  I feel in love with the students so quickly; I really hope I get to sub in that class again.  I even loved the student who threw a major temper tantrum. 

     I think the point of all of this is that God has been teaching me how to love.  Autistic kids can be hard to love, but God reminded me that even though they act "different," they are still His precious children.  When I deal with those frustrating 5th graders, God is teaching me how to love people that are hard for me to love.  In my small group God is teaching me how to love Him, myself, and the beautiful girls I am sharing life with for these few months and beyond.  After all, in the words of my favorite philosophers, "all you need is love."

I saw this on the sidewalk by the playground last week.  Precious.