Monday, October 8, 2012

I am living.

Hi everyone. 

Yes, I am still alive.  Don't worry.

Photographic proof of my existence.
For some reason this whole "working, planning a wedding, and having a social life" thing has kept me pretty busy.  Who would've known.

So, to get you up to date:
-I am getting married in 68 days, or 9ish weeks.  And I have not sent out invitations yet.  Or booked a florist.  Oops.
-I have a new job.  I am now responsible for the learning of 21 precious first graders.  Yikes.
-I am slowly moving my stuff into our new home.  Can't wait for it officially to be my home in December...for now I spend most of my time here, but I still sleep at my parent's house.
-I am drinking a lot of grande nonfat salted caramel mochas (with whip).  Hooray to fall.

I'll probably see ya'll back on the blog in a few months.  ;]