Saturday, May 21, 2011

Before Heading Out

On Monday I'm moving to Tennessee for the summer, but so much has happened this past month.  First was my 23rd birthday, and then all of these wonderful happenings:

May 5th, 2011: Cinco de Mayo small group celebration.  Possibly my last W|E small group, but it was a great one!

One of the last projects I did with my autistic class.  This is the finished project from the lesson I described in this post.  I cut out the letters myself and then glued them to the backgrounds.  The cool color paint has sand in it, so the texture is awesome.  I love the finished products.

Last Sunday: Dad and I went to a reunion at the school where he used to work and where I went to Kindergarten.  We saw Dad's old parapro, Mrs. B!

Yesterday: Kym (my co-art teacher) got me this "Love Monster" cookie from Publix.  Isn't it adorable?!  Soooo much icing...I just finished it this afternoon.  :]

Last night: The 5th graders sang the National Anthem at the G-Braves game, so we went to cheer them (and the Braves) on.  Even though we lost, it was still a fun game and I got to see the kids one last time (see Thursday's post).  Here I am with my littlest sister, Kelley (who enjoyed seeing her first baseball game).

Today: Well, I couldn't just leave that easily.  I went back to the school today to finish up some things and get the room ready for the real art teacher to come back.  My curiosity overcame me and I had to open up the kiln and see how the 5th grade clay projects turned out.  SO GREAT!  I looooove the black glaze.

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  1. Hi Abby -- I love the art projects -- I agree I LOVE the black glaze too! I think it's wonderful that you have had this opportunity to teach art -- I wish the I was an assistant in your room. U and Kelley look so pretty together! How fun to have a sister! When do U leave for Tennesse? AE