Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lowering the Ears

Did anyone else notice that everyone and their mom got haircuts yesterday?

Kelley and I got ours cut.  I saw at least five people (including one of my favorite bloggers, Jordyn) post on fb that they were getting theirs cut, too. 

Then my suspicions were confirmed when I went to dinner with some folks, and Mr. Biz's mom told me she got a haircut that morning. 

So there you go--everyone and their mom got their hair cut yesterday.  Must be an itch for the change of spring or something.

This was the last time I got my hair chopped off...JANUARY 4TH, 2011.  Yes, I am that girl who didn't get my hair cut for a whole year.  Insanity.

So here was my hair yesterday morning:

And here was my hair yesterday afternoon:

It was great.  I enjoyed having someone else wash my hair (does anyone else just love that part?) and now my head feels 10 pounds lighter.  Ahh...

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P.S.- I have suddenly been struck with the urge to purchase a unitard.  It's her fault.
P.P.S.- I think I need a new camera.  Or at least to stop taking all of my pictures with my cell phone and my webcam.
P.P.P.S.- Many thanks to those of you who have checked out my teaching blog, and especially to Kim, Jordyn, and the Stranges for following!  :]


  1. must have been THE day to get your haircut. i hadn't had mine cut since last june.. i'm like you. i wait a long time between cuts -- usually close to a year, and i always say: i'm going to get my hair cut regularly after this cut! yep.. never do. also, i can't decide if i like my hair cut yet. i either look artsy or like i got into a fight with a lawn mower. i keep telling myself that i look artsy.. hmm.

  2. Love the new hair!! I'm in need of something to, but just haven't found the time to get it cut!!