Friday, October 28, 2011

Picture Dump #3

Hey, ya'll!  Time for me to delete a bunch more pictures off of my phone.  :]  So enjoy a brief glimpse into the past couple of weeks in my life. 

New car presets.  Thanks to Mr. Business Partner for reintroducing me to DaveFM.

Enjoying Moe's with Brand-aid!

Sisters having fun while Hannah and Brandie were on fall break.

Felt super dorky while reading this article, but even more dorky when I really liked it.

New favorite drink at Starbucks: salted caramel mocha (grande, of course).
SO EXCITED TO FINALLY OWN THIS ALBUM!  I've been listening to it non-stop since Monday.

Remains of the carnage.

Kelley is quite the creeper.

Pretending to be a child model.

Bought this nerdy movie at Goodwill for less than $3.  I appreciate my friends who have good taste in movies (Mr. Strange!).

Probably tomorrow (maybe) I'll post about my trip to NY.  Not really because it's super exciting, but so that I remember it.  This weekend I get to do two fun with the Strange couple (hahahaha) and cheer on Mr. Business Partner during his marathon (yes, he's a nutcase marathon runner).  Hopefully I'll record those memories with some pictures, but no promises.  If you're a really great friend, you can help remind me to use my camera.  :]  Thanks!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Ode to the Beast

Two weeks ago I said goodbye to one my most trusted companions and travel partners.  We'd traveled together to Birmingham, Chattanooga, South Carolina, South GA, North GA, and everywhere in between.  Through many bumps and bruises, we always stuck together.  This wonderful companion of mine was named Mabel.
Hanging out with "the Beast."
Oh yes, Mabel and I had a lot of fun over our seven years together.

Circa '05 or '06 on the way to church.  And we thought we were cool.
Mabel was always great for dance parties with the BFF.

We went on a Secret Mission to buy a TV for our RD.

Trips to the river for rafting...and I got to be chauffeur.
Another dance party, this time on Thanksgiving.  We were probably already listening to Christmas music.
Mabel took Kelley on a driving tour of my college town.
On my 21st birthday, I serenaded Hannah and Mabel with one of my favorite country songs.
Mabel saw plenty of goodbyes, including this goodbye dinner during my last time living in Toccoa.
Mabel even enjoyed some Christmas lights, hot cocoa, and lots of laughs with small group friends.

Mabel has survived a lot in her 19 years, including...

...being packed to the brim on many trips back and forth from college.

...the removal of her tires by one of my friends.
...somehow fitting in the last/smallest parking spot in the lot before the TFC Hayride.  I'm pretty proud of this parking job.
...and a nasty flat tire last fall.

Yes, Mabel was a good car to me.  I'm sad to see her go, but I'm glad to know that now Kelley gets to enjoy her company.  Kelley has already told me, very plainly, that she loves Mabel.  Even old lady cars need love.  :]

So, as I bid farewell to Mabel, I'm happy to announce the newest addition to my life: Nymphadora Tonks.  Tonks for short.

Yay, Tonks!  This was at a random rest area in Pennsylvania.

More about how Tonks came to be another day.  For now, feel free to share your favorite Mabel memory.  Some readers may remember the bridge incidents from 2006-2007 (involving screaming and laughing).  Others may remember the many snow storms Mabel owned.  I for one will always remember her luxurious red velvet seats and "starry night" ceiling (due to the push pins holding up the headliner).

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Pink!

No lie: pink is my favorite color. 
It is also the favorite color of the main character in the Pinkalicious book series.  Obviously we would be BFF's in real life. 
Last year for Red Ribbon Week I dressed up as Junie B. Jones, another one of my favorite children's book characters.  Then for Halloween I was a hippie (of course). 
Junie B. Jones and the Floppy Hair Bow
Dressed as a hippie and trick-or-treating for cans.

This year at school we're dressing up like book characters for Halloween and I'm picking Pinkalicious (a perfect excuse to wear nothing but pink).  Tomorrow I'm heading to the mecca of homemade costumes: Goodwill.  I'll make sure to let ya'll know how my pink search turns out.  To my fellow teachers/subs/school people, what is your school doing for Halloween?  Are you dressing up?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Song of the Week

This past weekend my dad and I drove 18 hours from Buffalo to our home in the Atlanta area.  My choice for song of the week is our most-played track from our trip.  Dad played the sax in high school, so he has a soft spot for all types of big band music.  Anybody wanna join me in some swing dancing?  :]

Artist: Glenn Miller
In the Mood

What do you listen to on road trips?

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picture Dump #2

Hey ya'll!  I'm back for another post of phone vomit (aka photographs).  My phone and I went all over the place this past week and I have the pictures to prove it!

Back at my alma mater for the homecoming game!  Sadly the alumni team did not win.

My sister Hannah was on homecoming court!  She was the prettiest one out there.

Hanging out with Brand-aid (aka Brandie) before the homecoming parade.

Brandie making use of her cool new camera (and also posing but not posing).

The Paradise Mtn. float was awesome...they turned this truck into an airplane.

And, with the classiest move ever, Toccoa's senior homecoming court rode in the bed of a maintenance truck.

Little besties at the Bar-B-Que Shack.

The Falls!

I was a student at TFC for four years and never once did the duck race.  I guess this year I couldn't resist the hippie duck.

Day Off of Work: Hanging at Yogli Mogli with Mr. Business Partner.  Surprise of the day: pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt is delish.

Just more proof that I'm super stylish.

So there you have it...another week of pictures posted on the internet to live forever.  Next week's picture dump should be interesting: my phone and I are traveling to Western NY this weekend to pick up my new car!  Wahoo!  You should check out my current car, Mabel, right here.  I love her, but I'm really ready for my new car.  So I'll talk to you guys from the other side!  Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Song of the Week

As a child I always loved the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." 


Yes, it's a bit creepy, but I loved the fantastic nature of the movie.  Now as an adult, I can appreciate it even more.  One aspect I love more now than I did as a child is the song Pure Imagination.  Recently I stumbled across a cover by Maroon 5 and I was amazed.  They took a great song and made it ethereal.  Now the song really sounds like it is made of nothing but pure imagination.  So without any further ado, enjoy my song of the week.  :]

Artist: Maroon 5
Pure Imagination

Do you have a favorite song from a childhood movie?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Phone Picture Dump #1

I've been less than consistent with my blogging lately.  I found myself thinking about what others will read--what they will find interesting.  I couldn't seem to decide what to write about because I was so concerned with what others think.  When I realized what my thoughts were, I took a step back.  Should I be blogging for the approval of others?  Is that really what this little slice of the internet is for? 

So, from now on, I'm not blogging so that others can read it and go, "Wow, Abby sure is smart and witty and interesting."  I blog so that I can get my thoughts out on paper and so that later I can look back and reflect on my life. 

Whew.  I'm glad I have that figured out.  :]  So, in short, I hope you enjoy reading my blog now that I'm not worried about what you think, haha.

The old lady (recently named Myrtle) Jamie created to go with our story for this week: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves.

Business Partner gave me this magazine to read.  I've been surprised at how much I like it!  And the post-it note placement makes me laugh.

K and me at the Elisha Winn Fair this past Saturday.  A beautiful fall day.

Late night snack with my new favorite peanut butter: Skippy Natural with Honey.

Business Partner's first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the fall season.  Personally, I'm a fan of the new Salted Caramel Mocha.

One word: addiction.

The first official sign of fall: I'm wearing my slipper boots everywhere.  I may or may not have worn them to Kroger yesterday.  I'll never tell...

Many thanks to Lisa at over at Lisa from Scratch for this idea.  She does a great "phone picture dump" every week and I always enjoy the little slices of her life that she shares.  I totally stole this idea from her.  :]

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P.S.- Some people do a great job of blogging with others in mind (although I'm sure the act of blogging is good for them, too).  Those people have super interesting thoughts and ideas, and I love checking their sites out every day.  I'm not saying that type of blogging is bad; it's just not for me.  :]