Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho ho ho!

Who's got a beard that's long and white?
Santa's got a beard that's long and white.
The most epic Christmas song of my childhood.  Anyone else have the Raffi Christmas album?

Now, I may not have a beard that's long and white, but like Santa, I love gift-giving!  There's nothing better than finding the perfect gifts for your loved-ones.  I was more than excited to give my sisters their gifts this excited that I'm going to share them with you!


First I gave Hannah some Lemon of her faves!
And then I gave her this super cute calendar.  Probably the cutest calendar I've ever seen.

The theme of Kelley's gift was "Asian."  If you don't know, Kelley loves all things Asian--K Dramas, a Korean boy named "Lo Mein," and doing peace signs by her eyes in pictures. 
First I gave her a little snow globe with a geisha picture, so you'll have to imagine it.
Then I gave her some Hello Kitty treats...Pocky and two different types of candy in decorative tins.

A great Christmas so far, and there's still a bit more to go!  I loved being able to surprise my sisters with these gifts.  I got some lovely gifts as well, including the first season of Community (watching it right now!), homemade gifts from my sisters (an infinity scarf and a hat), and some funds for activities with Mr. Biz.  I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!  :]

Bright and early Christmas morning.  Merry Christmas from Abby, Kelley, and Hannah!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

Hello all, and happy Christmas eve-eve-eve!  :]

Tacky Christmas sweater party, circa 2009.

Someone recently asked me if I was going to blog again, which made me realize that it's been almost two weeks since I last wrote on here.  Oops, my little corner of cyberspace must be feeling neglected.  To remedy the situation, I figured I'd jot down some Christmas-y thoughts.  Unfortunately, my brain has been in "shut down" mode the past several days because I am on VACATION.  So, enjoy my not-so-deep Christmas thoughts. 

1. I'm loving the holiday cups at Starbucks this year.  I mean, seriously--I think they have managed to capture the essence of every human relationship on their cups and in store decoration this year.  Here are a few favorites:
"When we're together I know I'll never fall."
"When we're together snowmen come to life."

"Let's remember why we go together so well."
Great stuff, right?  Do you have a favorite Starbucks quote from this season?

2. You know how Christmas time in Georgia is dreary, rainy, and sometimes hot/sometimes cold?  Be jealous, because today I rode a bike around a beautiful island in 80 degree weather.  I love living in the great PEACH STATE, but riding bikes on roads that are never hilly is quite spectacular.  The palm trees and such aren't too bad, either.  ;]

3. Christmas is so much better when you can spend it with someone special, am I right?  This is gearing up to be the best Christmas ever. 

4.  Speaking of the best Christmas ever, no one tells the tale of the first Christmas quite like Linus.  The simplicity of it is magical.  I don't know anyone who can watch this clip without tearing up a bit.

5. I have really enjoyed getting Christmas gifts for my loved ones this year.  Obviously I can't spill the beans about what I've gotten for them, but I can tell you that I'm excited about it.  My job hasn't kept me too busy this year (as opposed to other years), so I was able to spend a bit more time shopping around and getting creative.  What is the best gift you've ever given someone?

I hope you guys are enjoying all aspects of the Christmas season, and in case I don't get on here in the next few days, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  :]  Anyone have their own random Christmas thoughts? 

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Friday, December 9, 2011


Well guys, once again, I have another big change in my life.  I counted last night, and this change marks my fourth *new* adventure for 2011.  That's a pretty big number for a 23 year old who is supposed (by the world's standards) to be settled in a job. 

Abby's Career Adventures of 2011
1. teaching art for 15 weeks at RS (January-May)
2. 3rd grade camp counselor in Tennessee (May-July)
3. SpEd parapro at RS
4. ??? Read to find out!

I had no idea that I could be embarking on a new adventure until the Friday before Thanksgiving.  On that day, Jamie and I were informed that there was a chance that I might be displaced and moved to another school.  The next three weeks passed, and it seemed like I would be staying.  

Then this Wednesday morning they did an all-call for Jamie, and I knew what was coming.  About ten minutes later when I went to talk to Jamie, my fears were confirmed: I was being displaced. 

Man.  What a bummer. 

I love love love the school I've been working at.  Honestly, it is my dream school.  I've wanted to work there for a very long time--the long term art position was a step in the door and getting the parapro position was awesome.  The people I work with are great, which is important when you're in sped because so much of it is collaboration and communication.  And the kids?  They make me laugh, smile, and I've learned so much from them.  I will miss their little faces so much. 

So yeah, the past few days have been difficult.  Many tears have been shed by myself and some of the other teachers.  I know that next week at the new school and then the following weeks after Christmas break will be incredibly challenging.  I'll still be in sped, but it is a different level, so the kids are completely different.  I'm guessing that I will have a steep learning curve!

I say that many tears have been shed, and that is entirely true.  But those tears were not shed out of a spirit of despair.  I am sad to leave, yes, but I am so glad to know that God has a bigger plan than I.  Already I've seen the ways He's been working in the past 17 weeks--reasons why I was at this school for this long.  He had me there as long as He needed me, and now I'm moving on to something different.  His plans are unknown to me, but I have hope because I know He's got it all figured out.  The sadness has been tempered by the understanding of knowing how God works.  Mr. Biz pointed this verse out to me after I found out the news and I think it speaks to how I should enter this next season of my life in particular:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will make your paths straight.
-Proverbs 3:5-6

I'm trusting in the Lord with the joy of knowing that He has ordained my path.  How can I go wrong when I am following the Lord?

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P.S.- If you are so inclined, please keep my in your prayers this next week as I make this transition into a brand new school (to me) with people and students I don't know.  Pray specifically that I would be a humble and quick learner, and also that I would be given a super fantastic memory to remember everything!  :]

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas! Song of the Week

In honor of an "epic" weekend, here is my next Christmas-themed song of the week.  This song is a newer favorite--I've been listening to the album non-stop since Thanksgiving!

Dave Barnes
Holiday Made for Two

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