Friday, April 15, 2011

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

     In honor of the fact that my picture is up on Today's Letters, I decided to write a post in their style.  (P.S.- You should totally follow their blog if you don't already...daily awesomeness.)

Dear "Poem in My Pocket" Day, thank you for getting kids excited about poetry.  I smiled every time a kid walked/ran up to me and asked if I had a pocket poem.


Dear Emily Dickinson, I think you're cool.  Other people think you're depressing/lame/a loner, but your poetry speaks to me like no one else's.  Especially "He ate and drank the precious words..."


Dear BFF, so PUMPED to see you tomorrow afternoon.  I'm anticipating lots of laughs, a long conversation, and possibly some Ferris Bueller dancing, if we can fit it in.  :]

BFF and me working at camp last summer.
Dear laundry, please do yourself.  That is all.

Happy weekend!  :]

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  1. abby you are so cool!! i saw that picture on facebook and wondered if you were sending it to them! sweet!!