Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIWW: I'm baaaaack!

     I've missed you all over my several week long WIWW break.  But with the onset of spring weather comes the onset of new outfits and my sandals...yay!  Plus, I charged my camera battery, so fewer of those awful cellphone pics.  :]  Remember to link up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy.

Black dress and blue sweater: Walmart
flats: Payless
watch: Target
Boo the cat: a gift from Heaven ;]

St. Patty's Day...gotta have lots of green on at the elementary school!
button up shirt: Kohl's
Khakis: JCPenny's
lanyard: Vera Bradley (my favorite pattern- Hope Garden)

floral blouse: Kohl's
watch: Target
skinny jeans: Arizona from JCPenny's
sandals: Tevas from a random shoe store
nail polish: Gold Coin by Revlon...LOVE this stuff, and it was perfect for St. Patty's

Saturday: The World of Coca Cola
white shirt and bag: Target
grey sweater: WalMart
jeans: JCPenny's
sandals: brown Tevas
flower hairpin: Jordy is Crafty

red shirt: hand-me-down from my little sister
grey sweater and sandals: WalMart
necklace: made by women in Uganda--I got it through 147 Million Orphans
watch: Target
bracelet: a girl at my sister's college is selling these to raise money for her summer mission internship...they're made by women in the Philippines!  Half of the money goes to the girl selling them, and half goes to the Filipino women.
jeans: the same ones from Penny's

     It feels good to be back.  :]  Stay tuned for more posts later this week, including the art show, some sweet spring shots, and possibly some art ideas.  :]

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  1. So many women in Ugandan beads in these posts! I love it! I work for a ministry out of Uganda so I own a lot of these beautiful beads! Looks good!!

  2. LOVE that hippy-dippy shirt from kohls!! cute, abby, really cute!