Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's been a long, cold, lonely winter...

     Five cool points if you know the reference I made in the title of this blog.  It has truly been a long, cold, and sometimes lonely winter.  But it officially feels like spring!  Halleluiah!  Psst- true sign of spring?  My throat is acting up because of the pollen.  Today my family celebrated spring and my youngest sister's birthday by heading to the World of Coke down in the ATL.  It was my first time at the new one and overall I was impressed.  I missed some of the displays of vintage advertising memorabilia, but the addition of "Pop Art" was pretty awesome.  Go check it out if you have a chance.  :]

Creepy, hilarious bear.  Hittin' on all the ladies.

I really liked this bottle.

Sisters!  We were celebrating K's (red shirt) 17th b-day.

Love love love the artwork.

Hanging out on the American Idol couch.

Ending the day with Chick-fil-A...perfect!

     How are you celebrating the onset of spring?

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  1. Pfft- I wish I was... Sunday is reserved for volunteer work and the people I visit do not like going outside!

  2. That looks so fun! My family has a lot of Spring birthdays so Spring is always a fun season around here! You and your sisters are adorable!

  3. Who wouldn't know the reference? If wanted a really cool reference you should have thrown out The Oriental Night Fish or said that the museum was a "toot and snore." It is a cool place though.

  4. I'm just busy.... In school :(

    And missing my hubby.

    But i have a feeling thing'sl be looking up real soon esp. weekend :))

    I love ur blog. Definately a follower :)

    Follow me too?


  5. Mr. Strange, that's why it was only worth five cool points. The others would have been worth more. I'll work on some better Beatles references just for you.