Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cute, Handmade, AND Affordable!

     Look at what came in the mail this week!

     Yessir, my new hair clip from my friend Jordyn's etsy shop arrived on Wednesday and it is SO CUTE.  I had to wait for two whole days to wear it because it wouldn't match my green-themed outfits for St. Patty's, but it was worth the wait.  I wore it today to the World of Coke, and ya'll, I'm not gonna lie: it looked great on my head.  ;]  Definitely take the time to go check out her shop.  She has a ton of cute accessories and all of them are very affordable.  I almost bought this headband, too:

[source: jordy is crafty]

     Ok, I'm gonna stop typing now, which means you need to go read her blog and peruse her shop.  You won't regret it.  :]
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  1. I'm waiting to see the picture of it ON your head now! As for the tights and dresses, I prefer leggings (usually Wal Mart Brand) and boots with a knee length dress (and always a sweater) for when I'm at work. I pair it with a form of boot (cow boy style or the slouch ones). Last year when I worked long term at a HS I donned them with no leggings and sandals... but I don't know if I'm that brave anymore! Give it a try.. I'll put together some pics of my fav. ((cheap)) pairings... perhaps tonight :)

  2. abby, you're so nice! i'm really glad you like it! and i need to see pictures of it on your head, too!

    and, isn't it awesome that you can check out a park pass?! ben and i read that online last week and we thought it was awesome. we doubted the library in toccoa but sure enough they had one! it's great, you can keep it for five days, too! i had to pass on the good news!