Friday, March 4, 2011

Fill in the Blanks: "So," Best Friends, and the Future

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is either the word "well" or "so."  Every time I'm writing I have to go back and reword everything because I use at least one of those words in each sentence.

2. Today I am thankful for the other art teacher at my school.  She is such a helpful person to me--she answers every question and goes above and beyond what she needs to do.  I would never be surviving art if she wasn't around.

3. My best friend is more than one person.  I love them both dearly.

4. A quirky thing about me is that I hate whipped cream.  The taste and texture of it truly disgusts me.  I have no idea how people like it so much.

5. This weekend I am going to
eat at Chick-fil-A (duh), do laundry, shop, and maybe hang out with some friends.

I do not look this cheerful while doing laundry.

6. Something that worries me is where I'm going to be living next year.  I know that wherever I go God has a plan for me, but the idea of possibly leaving my friends and family to go somewhere new is very scary.

7. On my night stand you would find tissues, bobby pins, my Bible, journal, a clip-on reading light, and ~10 books.  Seriously.  I really need to finish some books before I start any more new ones.

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