Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Wonderful Blogger and Our Educational System

     There is an incredible blogger out there named Annie.  Her writing is seriously some of the best writing I've ever never seems forced or coerced, but only like something someone incredibly wise would say.  Part of the reason I love reading her blog is because we've gone to the same church since forEVER so I know she's an honestly good person in real life, too. 

     Anyways, today Annie brought up two documentaries about the state of our educational system.  I know I have some fellow teacher friends on here, so I thought you'd like to read what she said.
Lastly, does anyone out there know much about Waiting for Superman or Race to Nowhere? I’m interested to know if they are credible, and whether or not anyone’s seen them. After a couple of days in Tim and Becky’s ‘hood, where apparently there are 5th graders who have never been taught to read, my interest in the educational system of our country is heightened. Seems to me that there are a few changes to be made.
I went to those websites and watched the trailers.  *Wow* they echoed so much of what I've been thinking.  Check out those documentaries, and while you're at it, check out Annie's 20th Year Project.

     I'd love to hear about a blog you love to read, so make sure you share in the comments!  :]

P.S.- I got to see two of my friends from college this weekend!  Here I am with my dear friend Michaela.  She's new to blogging, so make sure to check her out and give her some love!
I'm still her friend even though she wore that heinous shirt. ;]

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  1. My husband is a high school teacher. We haven't seen either, but we watched the discussion on Oprah and it made him really angry. He felt there wasn't enough emphasis on parental involvement and personal responsibility (two things his students struggle with greatly).