Monday, January 3, 2011

MFT: Space Heater

     My room is in the basement of my house.  Basements are cold.  Therefore, my room is cold.  Very cold.  During the winter months I somehow manage to spend a minimal amount of time down here because every time I'm in my room I feel the beginnings of frostbite on my toes (ok, maybe not that extreme, but close).  Which brings me to one of my favorite things: my space heater.

Aren't you loving the unmade bed and piles of clothes? ;]

     Oh, my glorious space heater.  It works so hard to keep me happy and un-frozen.  So, on this first Monday of 2011, I have to say thank you to this hunk of metal for keeping me warm.

P.S.- This is the first installment of a new idea I'm trying that involves reader participation!  I'm super excited about it, so stay tuned.  I got my idea from The Pleated Poppy's weekly WIWW linky party...any guesses about what it is?

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