Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why yes, I AM an artist.

     Guess what, guys?  As of today I am officially an artist.

     Ok, ok.  Really I'm pretending to be an artist while I sub long-term for an elementary school art teacher.  I wish I were good at art and stuff like my friend Jordyn, but alas...

     Anyways, these next several months are going to be full of researching guys like Chuck Close and Piet Mondrian, who I'd honestly never heard of until a few days ago.  Good thing the kids I'm teaching are only elementary schoolers, so they won't know the difference.  Although, I am afraid a few in 3rd grade are getting wise--they snickered when I drew a stick figure on the board.  I'd better save that particular art-form for K-2. 

     What are you doing these days that is stretching you? 

P.S.- I know all of ya'll out there in blog-land are more cultured than me, but here's some stuff by Close and Mondrian, just for fun.  ;]

by Chuck Close
by Piet Mondrian


  1. How fun! I bet it would be pretty great to be an elementary school art teacher!

  2. Wow! That's great news. Have fun, seriously :)

  3. Oh I loved long term subbing! And the paychecks!! And art is so much fun! Have fun and show us some of your projects along the way!

  4. If you need ideas you should talk to Whitney Riker, she's an elementary school art teacher!

  5. oh i'm sp jealous! chuck close is my favorite artist thats still alive! fun fact: i started liking ben at the high museum while were sitting in front of a chuck close painting. yes, i'm jealous.