Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Ingredients for a Perfect Roadtrip

     Tomorrow (!!!) I am taking a spur of the moment road trip to see this amazing woman:

Oh--and her husband, too, whom I've actually known longer.  But who cares about him?  ;]
I kid, Clint, I kid.

     Road trips have three major components to ensure maximum enjoyability: 1) comfy driving clothes/shoes, 2) caffeine, and 3) a kickin' soundtrack.  Numbers one and two are taken care of, but I'm still working on number three.  It takes me about three CD's to get to their house; so far in the line-up I have "Lungs" by Florence + the Machine.  Any other suggestions?  I recently discovered the Avett Brothers (a million years late, I know) and I'm thinking about getting that on iTunes.  

     So tell me...what is your favorite road trip CD?  

P.S.- You can read more about the two wonderful friends I'm going to visit here.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to meet fellow teachers who blog. I also love a good road trip and the Avett Brothers. We have almost all of their albums...I can't pick a favorite. Here's who we listened to on our road trip this summer: Patty Griffin, 1000 Kisses, Children Running Through; The Avett Brothers,
    I and Love and You; Sarah Jarosz, Song Up in Her Head; Vampire Weekend, Contra, The Decemberist,
    The Crane Wife
    Safe travels and enjoy your visit!

  2. Great taste in music, Michele! I'm a beginning fan of The Vampire Weekend and The Decemberists. :] Glad to meet another fan!