Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Pink!

No lie: pink is my favorite color. 
It is also the favorite color of the main character in the Pinkalicious book series.  Obviously we would be BFF's in real life. 
Last year for Red Ribbon Week I dressed up as Junie B. Jones, another one of my favorite children's book characters.  Then for Halloween I was a hippie (of course). 
Junie B. Jones and the Floppy Hair Bow
Dressed as a hippie and trick-or-treating for cans.

This year at school we're dressing up like book characters for Halloween and I'm picking Pinkalicious (a perfect excuse to wear nothing but pink).  Tomorrow I'm heading to the mecca of homemade costumes: Goodwill.  I'll make sure to let ya'll know how my pink search turns out.  To my fellow teachers/subs/school people, what is your school doing for Halloween?  Are you dressing up?

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  1. Boo.. I don't think we are doing anything at the middle school. We are a uniform school anyways.. so the kids rarely get a day out of khakis/polos.

  2. I'm definitely thinking Count kids adore the Snicket books. It's gonna be great :)