Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picture Dump #2

Hey ya'll!  I'm back for another post of phone vomit (aka photographs).  My phone and I went all over the place this past week and I have the pictures to prove it!

Back at my alma mater for the homecoming game!  Sadly the alumni team did not win.

My sister Hannah was on homecoming court!  She was the prettiest one out there.

Hanging out with Brand-aid (aka Brandie) before the homecoming parade.

Brandie making use of her cool new camera (and also posing but not posing).

The Paradise Mtn. float was awesome...they turned this truck into an airplane.

And, with the classiest move ever, Toccoa's senior homecoming court rode in the bed of a maintenance truck.

Little besties at the Bar-B-Que Shack.

The Falls!

I was a student at TFC for four years and never once did the duck race.  I guess this year I couldn't resist the hippie duck.

Day Off of Work: Hanging at Yogli Mogli with Mr. Business Partner.  Surprise of the day: pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt is delish.

Just more proof that I'm super stylish.

So there you have it...another week of pictures posted on the internet to live forever.  Next week's picture dump should be interesting: my phone and I are traveling to Western NY this weekend to pick up my new car!  Wahoo!  You should check out my current car, Mabel, right here.  I love her, but I'm really ready for my new car.  So I'll talk to you guys from the other side!  Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

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  1. Only at our alma mater would there be only 5 people at a Home Coming game

  2. Haha, well, that was before the game even started. I am happy to announce that the stands were very crowded by half-time.