Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Goin' On

     Happy hump day, everyone!  Thanks to those of you who linked up on Monday.  In case I haven't told you, I truly love reading about your favorites...and it was our highest participation ever!  Five whole people!  ;] 

     Look--I llamafied my name!

     My family had a wonderful Easter.  Church was fantastic.  I mean, how could it be any less when they start the service with a rap song?

Of course my sisters and I took the traditional Easter pics.  Not nearly as somber as previous years...

...but, in my opinion, much more exciting:

     Lastly, anyone else enjoying the spring storms?  There is something fascinating about the powerful beauty of these huge storms.  After school on Monday I stood by my car (in the parking lot) for five minutes just gazing at this massive cloud.  I'm pretty sure my colleagues think I'm crazy.  Oops!  The potential speculation about my mental state is worth it though, because I got some kickin' photos.

We're midway through the week!  Anyone else trying to make it through the CRCT?  Or have you seen any sweet storm clouds?

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  1. We finished our CRCT's a few weeks ago- but my HPS (Honors Physical Science) had their biggest test yesterday!! EOCT. They are fried!!

  2. Mom and I have been sitting with our back door open, watching the clouds accumulate and move across the sky. Some nights we've seen some pretty fantastic lightning. :) We love the storms, too.