Monday, April 25, 2011

MFT: "Seasons of Michael" on The Office

     The Office has been a major part of my Thursday evenings for the past several years (along with 30 Rock and all the other NBC shows).  Every week I get a bit more sad about Michael leaving, and this past week may have made me cry multiple times.  This week My Favorite Thing is the song that everyone sang for him.  Makes me tear up every time (and then laugh when Oscar mentions the infamous kiss). 

     The linky is at the bottom of the post, so please link up one of your favorite things.  I love reading your favorite things every other week-- keep it up!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi Abby -- I have been reading your blog but still a blogging nerd about leaving a comment. But I am trying to change my ways and enter the 21st century. I have loved watching the office -- I wish Don enjoyed it as much as then I have had company as I watched it. I wish Michael wasn't leaving but I think Will Ferrell will be a good replacement. The song was a great idea. I love the original one and I tried to submit the link for it. Hopefully it works. Love you, AE

  2. Bah - trying to reply to your comment on my post via e-mail but no clue how! Oh well. This'll do. Thanks for saying I don't look old - I don't feel old. Most days. Except the days after a long run. Then I feel at least twice my age. :) Regarding the coffee, I didn't know the Loerkes (like how I refer to them like they're my BFFs?) drank that kind! I just started following them (after you posted about them a couple weeks ago) and LOVE their blog. So fun! Anyway, if they have a location near you, I really do recommend them. Their frozen coffee beverages are quite tasty as well. Hope you're having a fab week. That is all.