Friday, April 1, 2011

Fill in the Blanks: Nice Things and Pranks

      Two posts in one afternoon--aren't ya'll lucky?  ;]  Today I'm filling in the blanks with Lauren @ the little things we do.

1. The best prank I ever pulled was on Amber in college.  We poured a trashcan full of cold water on her in the shower.  A very typical prank, but it was so funny.  We did a lot of pranking our senior year of college.

2. The best prank ever pulled on me was...goodness, I don't even know.  Maybe when Wigal hid from us one night and we couldn't find her for almost an hour. 

3. A day without laughing is a day wasted.

4. The most important things in life are the non-material things.  One of the most important things in my life are the daily interactions I have with children.

5. I dream of working with special needs students, where I'm going to be next year, getting married one day, and doing awesome teaching things.  :]

6. I dread my dentist appointment next Friday.  I have a baaaad feeling about it.

7. A discovery I made this week was that I can watch the same episode of Reading Rainbow 17 times and not want to punch anyone.  I showed the episode about optical illusions to 17 of my 18 classes the past three days and they all loved it.

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  1. Love Reading Rainbow. I have been in 8th grade science for 2 weeks- so we have been watching a lot of Mythbusters! The kids love it!! How much longer is your long term? Happy Spring Break to you too!!!