Monday, February 7, 2011

MFT: Watching Grey's Anatomy Online

     About halfway through the epic Snowmageddon a few weeks ago, I started to get bored (big surprise).  I'd exhausted all of my options of things I wanted to do (i.e.- sleep, eat, sleep, play in the snow), so I had to find something with which to occupy my time.  "I can watch a show online," I thought.  Long story short, I googled "Grey's Anatomy" and since then I've watched seasons 1-4 in their entirety, as well as episode one of season five just last night. 

I liked Addison until they did that whole "let's set up for Private Practice" thing in the middle of a season. Lame.
     Have I been watching too much Grey's Anatomy?  Possibly.  But it's great that I don't have to wait a week between each episode.  Although I've experienced four years worth of story in less than a month, which is kind of trippy.  To all the non-believers in finding shows online: google is your best friend.  Any site that links you to MegaVideo is choice.  Don't be afraid to look around a bit before you hit the motherload.  Oh, and season one of Grey's is on hulu for free (the last time I checked).  Enjoy.  :]

     If you could watch any show online, which one would you choose? 

     Don't forget to link up your "My Favorite Things" post below!  I'm trying out Simply Linked for the first time, so let's hope it works.  :]

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  1. um, i just finished watching all of jon & kate plus eight on netflix. everyone, go ahead and judge me.

  2. Haha, way to own up Jordyn. No shame.