Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I Eat

Spring break, baby!  I'm celebrating my week off by taking pictures of the food I eat and sharing it with you.  Exciting, right?

 Annie's shell's and white cheese: This stuff is the BEST.  Add in a little (or a lot) of garlic, and the taste is through the roof.  Biz and I sometimes eat it in a spinach wrap...crazy, I know, but delicious.
Kroger Private Selection peach and mango salsa: I eat salsa on everything.  Lime tortilla chips, burgers, scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwiches.  Salsa is like the more delicious ketchup.
Vitamin Water Zero squeezed: I love this zero cal lemonade drink.  It's not too sour or too sweet...simply perfect for hot summer-y days.

 Oat Revolution maple & brown sugar oatmeal: Oatmeal is good any time of the day, but I haven't been eating it as much now that it's 80 degrees out.  My favorite way to eat oatmeal is with a banana sliced up on top.
Skippy Natural pb with honey: This is my favorite peanut butter.  It's all natural, but you don't need to stir it.  The honey adds a little bit of sweetness, but it's not overwhelming at all.  This is delicious on a tortilla, with a banana, or with an apple.
Kashi Crisp! cinnamon crumble cereal: One of my newest finds.  Since I'm home this week, I got some 2% milk, so I figured I needed some cereal to go with it.  I haven't tried this yet, but I'm sure I'll love it!

 MorningStar maple flavored fake sausage: Mr. Biz and I looove soysage (say that outloud...it makes you sound like you're from Boston).  This is our favorite brand and flavor.  Absolutely delicious!
Luna bars (chocolate dipped coconut and chocolate raspberry): I eat at least one Luna bar per day (normally more).  These are my two favorite flavors, but I also like chocolate peppermint stick and blueberry bliss.  Do yourself a favor and try one out!  They're especially good paired with a large mocha coffee.  :]

And of course, with all of that healthy stuff you've got to have some peanut butter m&m's mixed in.  :]

This is probably the most random post I've ever done, but I had a major shopping trip this afternoon and wanted to share what I got.  At other times there's hummus in the mix, eggs, pasta, pesto, and whole-wheat pasta.  What do you like to eat?  And if you're on spring break, are you doing crazier things than me?  :]

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  1. Spring Break, WA HOO! It's so much more exciting now than when I was in college :o)

    Love peanut butter m&ms!!!