Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break Thoughts

This past week has been my spring break and it has been a much needed break.  But honestly, I feel like I could use one more week off.  I guess instead I'll start my countdown until summer break...only seven more weeks!  :]

So here are my random spring break thoughts...

1. Crazy drivers come out to play in the daytime.  Normally I'm at work on weekdays between 8AM and 4PM, but this week I've been around town during those hours.   I've been almost hit twice this week by drivers who weren't even looking while backing up or running a stop sign around a corner.  Seriously, I don't know what's going on.  I have a 90 minute commute each day, and I've never seen so many bad drivers.  As a female I hate saying this, but I think it's a bunch of stay-at-home moms who don't know how to drive.  For reals. 

2.  While I'm ranting, I don't like middle and high schoolers.  That's the only bad thing about spring break...there are teenagers all over the place.  Mr. Biz and I felt like asking some of the "too-cool" teenagers when their mommies were coming to pick them up.  Haha, kind of mean, but a funny thought nonetheless. 

3.  Hikes are fun, but heights are terrifying.  Yesterday we hiked to Panther Creek Falls, and it was beautiful, but there were many places where the path was quite narrow with a sheer drop off to the side.  I am very, very scared of heights, so I may or may not have had a minor breakdown towards the end of the hike.  Of course, I still recommend the hike.  The falls were beautiful.

4. Spring break is a great excuse to eat lots of food.  Peanut butter oreos, breakfast wraps (for dinner, of course), pizza veggie burgers (by Morningstar...try them!), lots of coffee, and Java the Nut smoothies from Planet Smoothie.  If you have a Planet Smoothie near your house, make sure to go in and get a Java the Nut.  It has coffee, peanut butter, and bananas.  It is amazing.  Addictive, really.  I've had two this week. 

5. Mr. Biz makes the best eggs.  I feel sorry for everybody else because they don't get to eat his eggs several times a week.  Eggs, cheese, and diced garlic= perfection!

6. We watched the new Muppet Movie the other night.  It was pretty funny, although it was weird to hear that guy from How I Met Your Mother sing.  He's not that great.  But overall, we enjoyed the movie.  I think my favorite song was the man or Muppet one...pretty darn hilarious.  I recommend picking it up from Redbox.

7. We ate at a new place: Egg Harbor Cafe in Johns Creek.  Very impressed with the food.  I had an egg white omelet with a black bean and chicken chili, whole wheat english muffin with strawberry compote, and some potatoes.  Biz had blueberry pancakes that were also delicious.  The only thing that was disappointing was the speed of the service.  They weren't too crowded, but it still took a long time for the two of us to get our food.  But we will be back sometime soon. 

Now it's just the seven week countdown till summer.  I have my birthday to look forward to in twenty-five days, so maybe that will be a fun distraction during the last few weeks of school.  Anybody else on spring break this week?

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