Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Epic May

Hi everyone!  It's been a long time, huh?  Seems like May is tied with December for the busiest month of the year...this past month has been full of celebrating for my family.  Birthdays, family members to be (read to the end to hear about that one), graduations, and the end of the school year.  My summer break officially started on Friday afternoon and so far it has been great!  I have a lot to do this summer, but first let's check out what's been going on. 

What time is it?  Summertime! 

No judgement.  I will not deny that HSM is awesome.  And that song gets me seriously pumped up.  You should listen to it while you read to get the full effect.

Anyways, I have lots and lots to do today, so I won't linger too long in bloggy world.  Here is what I was up to during the month of May, as seen by my phone.

Cupcakes with my newly graduated sister.

Getting creative with my dinner: fiesta black beans, salsa, a whole avocado, and black bean/garlic chips.  DELISH.

My race number from my first ever 5k!  Wahoo!

Action shot of Mr. Biz and myself running said 5k...I don't know why I look happy.  I'm pretty sure at this point I felt like I was going to melt into the pavement.  I guess I was delirious.

Oh yeah.  And I got engaged to the most wonderful man in the whole world.  No biggie.  ;]

So yeah...May was a pretty awesome.  :]

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  1. First off, Congrats on your engagement!!! Secondly, I too listened to "What time is it" on the last day of school. For us HSM fans that are teachers, it's essential. :)

  2. Congrats on getting engaged, Abby!! I can't wait to see all the wedding details unfurl in the blog world!!!

  3. congrats!!! what a pretty ring! you've had a pretty exciting month!