Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Joys of Technology

I love all of my technology, especially my computer.  This lovely Viao enables my new Pinterest addiction, along with all of the blogs I try to keep up with. 

BUT (and this is a big "but" as they like to say at camp) sometimes I hate my technology, like when it gets a nasty virus.  

The Geek Squad guy chuckled when he saw the virus I'd acquired and proclaimed, "Oh, this is a fun one."  Joy. 

Anyways, Oopie the laptop is back with me tonight, and here are some beautiful pictures from my life to make up from my absence from the Blogger scene.

Last week was Riverbend and it was great! We saw The Beach Boys--with John Stamos!

Sunset before seeing Casting Crowns @ Riverbend.

Last Thursday we took our day camp kids to a nature was beautiful!

I could live in a little cabin by a lake.

Insane storm that Michaela and I got stuck in.  Our "smart move" turned into "getting soaked."

A few hours before my computer went comatose...enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

A camper asked me today, "Ms. Abby, what's wrong with your feet?" And no, my legs aren't hairy. That's the photo effect.

Jon and Michaela's garden is INSANE.  Jon picked 16 cucumbers today, and yesterday they picked 10.
See?  Cucumbers galore.
I am a very nice counselor. The candy is my proof.  ;]

This cracked me up. The small print reads: Agent Secrets Revealed Inside.

Well guys, it's good to be back.  Does anyone else have insane gardens right now?  Or maybe insane computer issues?

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