Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thumbs up!

Let's give some thumbs up today! 

#1: Monday was my birthday!  If I had enough people I would give myself 23 thumbs up. 

Which brings me to #2...

#2: Today is my sister Hannah's 21st birthday!  Happy b-day, lil sis!  Don't do anything crazy.  ;]

#3: Starbucks has given me one more reason to part with my hard-earned cash: half-price Frapps from 3-5PM every day till the 15th. 

#4: Chick flicks are still the bomb.  My sis Kelley, my mom, and I watched From Prada to Nada yesterday afternoon.  Did you know that it is based on Sense and Sensibility?  I really enjoyed it, but that goes without saying since I'm one of those "chicks." 

#5: It's Saturday!  That definitely deserves two weird, crooked thumbs up from this girl.  Enjoy your day!

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