Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life's Better in the Water

Man, that 3-day weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I was completely exhausted and worn out last week, emotionally and physically.  Hanging out with my buddies in Alabama was perfect.  We spent all three days in the water and it was glooooorious!  ;]  

And now I'm definitely waterlogged. 

Of course I didn't take any pictures to document my trip, but I did get this one of the AL welcome sign on Friday:

And this one of my wonderful, relaxing morning at Starbucks:

Now it's back to camp and "real life" until my trip to NY over the 4th of July.  Camp can be a lot of fun, but MAN it's getting hot.  This is what I saw when I got in my car at 4:00 this afternoon:

YIKES!  Stay cool, everyone!

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  1. i cannot believe how hot it's been lately!! it's only may!!