Monday, December 27, 2010

Vacation and Thoughts on Blogging

     You'll probably see more posts from me this week because I am on vacation with my family.  Typically we'd be hanging out on the beach all day, but it is strangely cold down here.  My dad and I went on a walk and I found myself wishing I wore my super cool winter hat.
See, super cool winter hat...and my cat.

   I know what you're thinking: "Abby, you're on vacation with your family!  Why are you on the computer?"  That would be because it is too cold on the beach.  And there's only so much reading/watching tv/playing games we can do.  It's so hard to keep up with blogging after work every day, so I figured I would try to catch up a bit while I have the free time.  In fact, I was very inspired by a guest blogger on my of my favorite blogs: Gussy Sews.  Jess of Allora Handmade talked about fostering community through blogging.  Check it out here.

     The idea of fostering community through blogging isn't a new thought to me.  I've been thinking on it a lot and struggling with the "how."  How do I foster community through my blog?  One conclusion I've come to: it isn't easy!  You have to make an effort to interact with other bloggers or else you won't get any traffic on your own page.  It's been kind of weird to me to put myself out there and talk to people I've never met before, but that's what you have to do to achieve community online! 

     So tell me, what do you think about finding community through blogging?  Any tips you want to share?

-Abby :]

And just for fun, here are the books I'm reading this week:
I'm halfway through "East of Eden."  So good!


  1. florence and the machine!!!!! love it! ...i get distracted by sidebars. :)

  2. You're the one who got me interested in her! Remember that you told me you listen to the Florence and the Machine Pandora station when you clean? Now I love thanks for the recommendation! :]

  3. I love the Centurion's Wife...Did you know there is a sequel? It just came out not too long ago. It's called The Hidden Flame.

  4. I didn't know there was a sequel! Sarah read The Centurion's Wife last year during student teaching and she loved it, too. I saw it for $4 at the bookstore and figured I'd try it out since I've heard such good things. I'll pass on the info about the second book to Sarah...I'm sure she'll be glad to hear that!

  5. I found you through Gussy Sews blog and I'm with you on the blogging community. I've been wanting to find new people and I think this is the perfect way.

  6. Glad to have you here! I look forward to getting to be "blog friends." :]