Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hooked on Books, Not Drugs!

     Next week is red ribbon week at most schools in the southeast (the whole US maybe?), so every day at school has a theme.  Friday is “Hooked on books, not drugs,” and we’re encouraged to dress up like one of our favorite book characters.  I have had some ideas, but I’m still not sure who/what I want to be.  I’m teaching 3rd grade, so I want it to be something they would know.  Do you have any thoughts about who I should be?  Or maybe you know who you would dress up as?  Leave your answer in a comment!

     Here are the options I've thought of so far:

Ms. Frizzle

Fancy Nancy

Skippyjon Jones


Amelia Bedelia

So what do you think?

-Abby :]


  1. i think you should be Camilla Cream, from a A Bad Case of Stripes and PAINT YOUR FACE RAINBOW STRIPES!!!
    ... okay maybe too crazy. but it's my dream one day.

    i do like Amelia Bedelia. :)

  2. Clearly it's too late for me to weigh in on this but for next time - Amelia Bedelia! LOVE her!