Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Beautiful Antique Ring :]

     This was my great-great grandmother's engagement ring.  She passed it down to my great-Grandma Quinn, who passed it down to my Aunt Ellen.  Just this summer Ellen gave it to me as a graduation gift (one of the most special gifts I've ever received, btw).  Today I finally took it to the jeweler's to get it fixed (there was a crack in the band) and resized (plus they cleaned it and it looks so shiny!).  I love it so much.  I'm incredibly honored to be the fourth owner of this ring.  :] 

-Abby :]  (can you tell I'm full of smiles today?)

     On an unrelated note, I just realized that the word "jewelery" reminds me of the word "celery."


  1. I'm wearing it. :] On my right hand of course...don't wanna leave my gaggle of admirers confused (HA!). I tried to take a pic of it on my hand, but I realized it is ridiculously hard to take a picture with my left hand and none of them turned out right.

  2. I honestly think taking a picture left handed is one of the most difficult things someone can try to do.

  3. Abby, that's really special! My great-grandmother had the diamonds from her engagement ring made into a ring for my grandmother on her sixteenth birthday. My grandmother gave it to my Mom on her sixteenth birthday, and I got it on my sixteenth birthday! I love family traditions!

  4. Isn't it so cool to think about the time period that the first person had it? I mean, my great-great grandmother probably wore it through world wars, the Depression, and so many other things. Crazy.