Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting to Know Me, One Random Question at a Time

A friend wrote these questions, and now I'm answering them.  Just in case you were confused, I did not interview myself.  ;]  (Thanks, Jen!)

1.I have difficulty pronouncing the word 'ominous." I always say, "Omnimous." What word/s do you consistently mispronounce?
     I constantly mispronounce the name "Fabian."  I pronounce it the way you would in a Hispanic country (Fah-bian), but I subbed in a class where the little boy insisted you said it "Fay-bian."  It took me four days to get it right.

2. Favorite TV show & why? Least favorite TV show & why?
     I would have to say that my favorite TV show is 30 Rock.  The quirky, sarcastic humor is exactly the type stuff that makes me liz (100 cool points if you know what "lizzing" is).  I have several "least favorite" TV shows: judge shows.  My mom watches Judge Judy and Judge Alex every day and it drives me nuts.  I hate watching idiots. 

3. What is one song you'd love to be able to sing in front of millions of people?
     Umm, none?  I can't really sing.  If I could sing along with tons of people, though, I'd like to sing "Ridin' Solo."  That song is my new anthem.  Sing with me!  S-O-L-O, livin' my life- ain't got stress no mo'!

4. Most unfortunate outfit you wore thinking it looked really good? Mine were overalls & overall shorts.
     Probably anything with high socks, a big t-shirt, and flowered shorts.  I.E., 1995-1999.


5. Most embarrassing moment?
     I get embarrassed all the time.  I can't handle failure, so any time I do something wrong I feel embarrassed.  Or if you do something, I'll feel embarrassed for you...especially if you are rude to someone.

6. Something you'd do for a $1,000,000?

7. Least favorite food?
     Whipped cream...the texture is so gross to me.  It's also kind of famous among my family that I don't like pork chops, but I'll eat them anyways.

     Thanks for the questions, Andrew!  Here's one question for you: do people still call you Nelms?  Did you ever even like being called that?  Because I feel weird calling you Andrew, haha.


  1. Haha! Well, I really didn't like it. Ever. Lol. I just got used to it because everyone did it but it kind of felt impersonal to me (though it was probably the exact opposite). And some people still do call me that. A lot of people have said they feel weird calling me Andrew. Lol!

    Also? I love court shows. I want to marry that sassy broad Judge Judy.

  2. Good to know! And there's really nothing wrong with Judy, just the people on her show. Ya'll would make a cute couple.