Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Break Happenings

So even though I've been back at work this past week, I'm not quite ready to let go of Christmas break.  It was busy, sometimes stressful, but mainly wonderful.  I like this whole "married at Christmas time" thing.  :]

You gotta have lots of fuel for present wrapping.  And, can I just say, it's depressing every year when Starbucks goes back to the white cups.
One of my favorite views...our front door.

Flowers from the wedding...the baby's breath were the bridesmaid bouquets and the roses were on the buffet table.  I had to throw them out yesterday and it was so sad. 

Love seeing presents under the tree waiting to go to our families!

So happy to have Kelley home for a bit...and yes, all three of us sisters embraced the ugly Christmas sweaters.

Just hanging out with our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  :]

I have a fun husband.  This hat was laying around the house, so he found some of my old camp socks and went for a run dressed like this on Christmas morning.  That's awesome.

Presents, coffee, cinnamon rolls, and fun at my parents' house on Christmas morning!
Biz is serious when it comes to home improvement.  Don't mess with this dude while he's hanging curtains and painting bathrooms.

So that was my Christmas break, post-honeymoon.  The honeymoon deserves it's own post to be filled with its' awesomeness.  Now that Christmas is over I'm ready for the "let's get organized" fun of January.  Woo hoo!  It's time to clean!  ;]

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