Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Party Date Day

One reason Biz and I have been loving summer is because of the plethora of "date days."  "What is a date day," you ask?  Well, a date day is nothing more than a day spent doing date-type activities together.  We have gone to eat at new places, seen movies, watched sunsets, went people watching at the mall...all sorts of things! 

Today I decided to have an "at home" date day since we've been gone for a while (and also to save a little money on eating out).  After some pondering, a thought hit me at about midnight (as good thoughts generally do): let's have a beach party! 
Don't you love my crazy looking banner that I slaved over for approximately 30 seconds?
So today we've had a lot of fun doing "beachy" things like listening to the Beach Boys Pandora station (fantastic), playing Bananagrams (because bananas remind me of the beach, duh), and playing that fun wiffle ball + scoop game (no idea what it's called).  Soon we're going to have a seafood dinner of tortilla crusted talapia and shrimp cocktail (yum yum!).  But I figured we needed a beachy drink to keep us cool during our outside activities (high of 95 ya'll!), so we put together this concoction.  Enjoy!

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris (Kinda)
In a blender put half a bag of frozen strawberries (I'd guess about 10).

Add 1/4 cup of OJ.  We also considered using lemonade...I'm sure it's good, too!

Add 3/4 cup of diet lemon lime soda.  Or be really adventurous and get the full calorie kind, ohh!

Think about how gross your mixture looks so far, then blend.

 Pour into a glass and enjoy!  We made this twice to get two servings, and I added two teaspoons of sugar to mine to sweeten it up a bit.  It was still pretty tart even with the sugar. 

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  1. How fun!!!! And original!!! I may have to try that out since we didn't have any type of vacation this summer!! And I Love that wiffle ball scoop game!!