Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Polish: Sonic Bloom

Happy Saturday, everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day as much as I am enjoying mine. 

I wanted to stop by for a few minutes today to show off my *new* polish: Sonic Bloom by Sally Hansen.  It's a pretty sure thing that I'm obsessed with the insta-dry polish they sell.  All of the colors cover so well and they really do dry quickly.  I'm all for an at-home manicure that lasts less than 3 hours, thankyouverymuch. 

Anyways, I had planned to buy an OPI color that I saw on Fashion Polish, but Target didn't have it (boo).  So I brought this baby home and wasted no time getting it on my nails.  :]  Please don't judge by the quality of my at-home manicure...I feel that most nails look better from a distance, anyways. 

I'm loving the intense red/fuchsia of this color.  It's definitely putting me in a spring break kinda mood!  I guess now I can officially start my countdown...t-18 days!  :]

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P.S.- If you must know, the OPI colors I am drooling over are "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" and "Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI?".  THEY ARE FANTASTIC.  Ebay, here I come!


  1. Thanks for the info. I was trying to find a new color. Kinda bored with what I have.

  2. quick dry polishes really are the best. if it's not a quick dry i mess it up before it drys 98% of the time. drives me nuts!

    i used nyc "in a new york minute quick dry" -- it doesn't cover as well but two coats look great!


  3. Cute and sassy nails!! I need to get me some new polish. I tagged you in my last post, twenty-two things! Go and get your questions!