Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pancakes, Winter, Broken Hearts, and New Tunes

Hey, all!

I feel like I've been abandoning my little blog over the past couple of weeks.  I've just been concentrating on getting my new blog up and running.  Good news: I'm up to six followers!  Haha, doesn't sound like much, but I'm pumped.  :]

A few random thoughts for this Saturday morning...

On Thursday Mr. Biz and I made whole wheat banana pancakes and they turned out pretty well, if I do say so!  We didn't have nutmeg and we added a bit more milk (about 3/4 cup).  When it says the mix will be dry, that's really true!  We were both a bit flummoxed because we're used to runny pancake mix.  In the end it all turned out, though.  We enjoyed our pancakes with fake-sausage (aka "soysage"), random berries (of the straw, blue, black, and rasp varieties), and butter/maple syrup (only on mine).  Quite a yummy dinner!

Source: How Sweet Treats

The temperatures this past week have hovered around in the 60's and I AM LOVING IT.  I have never been much of a fan of winter (it's dark and way too cold), so this mild beginning to February has been awesome.  February is normally such a dreary month.  Here's to hoping this year is different.  I think we deserve this little taste of spring, since our spring all too quickly becomes a scorching hot summer.

Have you ever prayed for God to break your heart about something?  I have prayed that before and last night God answered my prayer.  I work with some of the sweetest kiddos around, but I know what most of their futures are.  They live in a very poor area with a lot of gang activity and such, so while they are innocents for now, they won't be for long.  My heart just aches for these children.  My goal as a teacher is to show them so much love and acceptance with the hope that one day they will make choices that will keep them on the right track. 

One last thought: I am currently listening to the album Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles.  This next week I am going to delve into some new music on my computer: Elton John, Frank Sinatra, the Gin Blossoms, Harry Connick Jr., and possibly some Jack Johnson (in honor of my college roommate, SJ).  New music is the best!

Happy Saturday, everyone!  :]
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