Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rocking in My School Shoes

Three days in and we're making it!  The first morning was stressful and a bit hectic, but that was expected.  Every day has gotten better than the one before.  We're learning about the kids and they're learning about us.  Also, we're learning about Pete the cat.  He's rocking in his school shoes.

If you don't have a "first day of school" book, I'd recommend this one.  We're spending all week on it and the kids love it.  Major props if you read it while wearing similar "school shoes."  :]

If you started back this week, I hope you're loving it so far!  And if you're still enjoying summer, please soak up some sun on my behalf!

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  1. I'm loving school so far! I'm filling in for the rest of the month for MoID. I have 2 little severe autistic kiddies that I've fallen in love with already!