Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Saturday in Our House

7:45- Wake up and Biz gets ready to go to the gym.  He brings me coffee in bed and hops out the door (literally...he is a very peppy morning person!).

8:00-9:30- I enjoy coffee in bed while perusing Instagram and pinterest.  Lately I've been loving the hashtag #teacherlife.  It's fun to see what other young teachers are up to. 

9:30- Eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes while waiting for my school laptop to boot up.

9:45-11:30- "Do lesson plans."  (aka- intermittently do lesson plans and surf the web...this time looking for a tutorial to make a magnet board out of an old frame)

11:30- Biz gets home.  Watch him rake up the yard while writing a blog post.

12:00- Looking through our almost empty pantry and fridge to make a yummy lunch.  I'm thinking about putting pizza sauce and mozzerella cheese on Texas toast and calling it a mini-pizza.

1:00-6:00- Time for cleaning and grocery shopping!  Yes, this is a super fun adult life!  ;]

7:00- Easter service at our church.  What a special holiday to celebrate...the reason why we believe what we believe!

And that is a Saturday in our lives.  Nothing too exciting, but hey, it works!  :]

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